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A communty for ladies pregnant and due in January
mood swings? 
22nd-May-2010 09:23 pm
Hey everyone. I am having severe mood swings and I was wondering if anyone else was and what they were doing to make it a little better? I feel sorry for my boyfriend because I take most of it out on him. I feel like a grumpy mess and I just want to feel like myself again. One second I am crying the next I am trying not to rip my boyfriends face off and the other part I am happy as can be. I know this might sound typical but to me it's way more intense than anything I've ever dealt with.

Also, if it weren't for the mood swings, sore boobs and fatigue I wouldn't really feel that pregnant. I have nausea on and off every few days but it's really not bad at all. knock on wood. I guess my hurdle with this pregnancy is going to be a crazy brain.
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