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Hi, my name is Amy ~ I am 31, married for 5 years (in September) to my husband, Jeff 33, and we just had our son, Declan on January 24th. We also have a daughter, Maddy, who was born March 20th, 2008. Looking for communities/friends to keep me entertained when I have time between my crazy work (when I return on April 4th) & home life! :) I have 4 tattoos & want more! I also have 11 earrings & would love to pierce my nose if I didn't think work would make me take it out! (I work as a pre-auditor for a bank). Is this community active? :)
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Hello everyone!My name is Amanda, I'm 24 years old, married, and pregnant with my second baby. I have a 4 year old little girl born in September, and I'm expecting my little boy Jan 24th. I'm looking for other mommies on here to befriend!!It's always nice to have someone to complain to ;)! Feel free to add me.
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Can't sleep!

Since becoming pregnant I cant sleep past 5-6am. What gives? Anyone else in the same boat as me? It's almost like I have a natural alarm clock going off and it's driving me insane. I want to sleep until 8 or 9 again.



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I am very early in my pregnancy. Today I noticed a white, snot-like discharge while wiping. I've never noticed this before now. I have not bled at all. I have had cramps but they were very mild and didn't last long. Is this a sign of miscarriage? Anyone else have discharge like this in early pregnancy?


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Hi, I'm Haylie from Missouri. I just found out I was pregnant last Tuesday the 25th. I have never been pregnant before and I don't exactly keep track of my periods because they have always been a little irregular. I believe I'm about 6-7 weeks because Michael, my fiance, is only home once a month as he is a truck driver. I knew my last period was in early April, though. some time, though. I was on vacation from work the week before and was really tired and nauseated the whole time. Smoking and cigarette smoke made me really sick. A lady at work told me to get a pregnancy test so I did. I took it at 3:00 in the morning and lo and behold, I was pregnant!

I made a doctor's appointment. The soonest they can get me in is June 15. The receptionist told me I was told to take 800 mcg of folic acid daily plus 2 Flintstone vitamins, at least until my appointment and they can figure out what kind of prenatal vitamins I need. Anyone else take Flintstone vitamins? I thought it was kind of weird.

Well, that is my introduction post. I'm really glad I found this community!
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I had a c-section with my 1st because after my water broke and 19 hours in labor I wouldnt dilate past a finger tip, this is after being pumped with pitocin and an epidural that didn't work (I had to be put out for the c-section). I've had a cold cone biopsy that lead to scarring on my cervix. I just recently read that you can rub the scarring away close to delivery to promote natural child birth and dilation. I REALLY want to have this baby naturally but I have already been told because of the complications last time and the condition of my cervix I would be scheduled for a c-section. I don't think this is very fair and the thought of going through another c-section really makes me sick to my stomach. My birth was VERY traumatic and thinking about having other options really puts my mind at ease. Has anyone heard of rubbing out the scarring? Has anyone had a successful VBAC after a traumatic c-section?

New Years Baby

Hi all!! Jim (44) and I (28) are expecting our baby on January 1, 2011 (based on the ultrasound) though he swears I will have a Christmas day baby. I am step mom to three boys ages 16, 17, and 18. This will be the second baby between Jim and I, the first one I miscarried. For this pregnancy I'm worried a bit about everything. I found this community when searching for stuff on step parenting and kids (I hope its alright that I'm also in the other January baby community).    I live in Lima, Ohio.

mood swings?

Hey everyone. I am having severe mood swings and I was wondering if anyone else was and what they were doing to make it a little better? I feel sorry for my boyfriend because I take most of it out on him. I feel like a grumpy mess and I just want to feel like myself again. One second I am crying the next I am trying not to rip my boyfriends face off and the other part I am happy as can be. I know this might sound typical but to me it's way more intense than anything I've ever dealt with.

Also, if it weren't for the mood swings, sore boobs and fatigue I wouldn't really feel that pregnant. I have nausea on and off every few days but it's really not bad at all. knock on wood. I guess my hurdle with this pregnancy is going to be a crazy brain.
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My name is Lauren and I live in Bristol, England.
I'm 7w6d making me due December 31st (but I don't expect to have a baby until January).
I'm 21 and just finishing my last couple of weeks of uni. With the fatigue and sickness it's not a lot of fun and I can't wait to be finished! This is a bit of an oopsie-baby but my boyfriend, Kwojo, and I are very happy and excited :)
We plan not to find out the sex until the birth, to homebirth, breastfeed, cosleep, babywear and cloth nappy.