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I had a c-section with my 1st because after my water broke and 19 hours in labor I wouldnt dilate past a finger tip, this is after being pumped with pitocin and an epidural that didn't work (I had to be put out for the c-section). I've had a cold cone biopsy that lead to scarring on my cervix. I just recently read that you can rub the scarring away close to delivery to promote natural child birth and dilation. I REALLY want to have this baby naturally but I have already been told because of the complications last time and the condition of my cervix I would be scheduled for a c-section. I don't think this is very fair and the thought of going through another c-section really makes me sick to my stomach. My birth was VERY traumatic and thinking about having other options really puts my mind at ease. Has anyone heard of rubbing out the scarring? Has anyone had a successful VBAC after a traumatic c-section?
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