differences in pregnancies?

Hi everyone!
I am pregnant with my second baby and I have noticed a decent amount of things that are different with this pregnancy. I thought maybe some of the difference was because I was 22 when I became pregnant last time and now I am 27. Maybe being older my body is coping with pregnancy differently? With this one my back hurts a lot, with the last one it didn't hurt at all really and I also have been craving TONS of food when with the last pregnancy I didn't crave anything really. I've also had a lot more cramping and pulling feelings in my lower stomach as well as a lot of hip pain. I was wondering what some of the differences you've seen through out your multiple pregnancies and why you think they have happened. On a side note I was pregnant with a  boy last time, I am really hoping for a girl this go around!

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Since this community is very new and most of you reading this will be very new to the concept of being pregnant, I want to first say congratulations to all of you who see this and please feel free to join the community.

I had my first son in july 2006 but was a member of the august 2006 group (he was premature.) That group was fantastic with tons of helpful advice and caring women and I hope that this community can be the same for all of us January baby mama's!

I will introduce myself and again, feel free to join and introduce yourselves as well.

I am due around January 12th
We started trying not too long ago and found out today we were pregnant!
My name is Krystle I am 27 and I have a beautiful 3 year old (soon to be 4) son named London.
My boyfriend is amazing and we live in Florida with our papillion and a few cats.

Enjoy this community!